Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Night To Remember

Dinner With Mi Familia


This time my blog entitle " A Night To Remember ". What its all about? Okay. Here's what I wanted to explain it  to all readers, haters .. This happened a month ago if I not mistaken. So far as I remembered, it happened after my mid term examination, one week holiday. As usual, If I stayed in KL, as you guys already known, I would stayed at my Aunt's house. So, this dinner had been planned for about a few weeks before we met. Everything's went a little bit slow due to the school holiday for the Chinese New Year and my Uncle gotta  go to work. Never mind,  My brother and me waited until the day comes. Hehe. When everything's alright, we managed to have our dinner. Sorry. I've forgotten the place that we were having dinner together. Time? We have our dinner at approximately 8.30 pm.
Well of course we had a fun time when we were together. The Best Thing was I have 2 adorable + handsome cousins named Syed Mohd Syafiq & Syed Mohd Syahmi. I Love Both Of Them. ( Didn't I get too much to praised my 2 cousins?? I knew that the haters would hate it & said " Who cares??!! She's too much ). As for the haters, Do I have to take good care of you guys feelings and bad sayings towards me?? Mark My Word : " I don't  care at all !!! ". People changed everyday. Forget about that. To Be Honest, the restaurant was beautiful + the food were tasty and delicious. All of us ordered different dishes and drinks. As for me and my brother, we ate Western Food and My Auntie & Uncle + Syafiq & Syahmi ate Asian Food. Its funny when we live in this world. Different people have different choices of food, made good decision and so on in their lifes. 
While waiting for the food to be served for us, we have conversations between us. As for my second brother, he was chit chatting with my Uncle Jemie and our 2 cousins. For me, My Auntie Shidah and me!! Hehe. Its fun though because both of us had a topic  of discussion. Hahaha. A Few Minutes later, the food been served for us. We enjoyed our delicious foods and drinks + good surroundings between us. 
Then, after we reached the end of the night which means that we have finished our dinner, My Uncle decided to sent both of us back home. But everything went the other way. Haha. What happened to them? My other Aunt, Aunt Zizah invited them to came to her apartment where both my brother and me lived for that one week holiday. Hehe. We went upstairs together. Syahmi had fallen asleep in the car, so at the apartment, Syahmi slept in the Guest Room. While Syafiq, My Uncle Jemie & Auntie Shidah were relaxing and have a cup of tea with cupcakes with My Aunt Zizah and her friend, Auntie Lourdes. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah, everything goes well during the night. 
Few minutes later, they went back to their own house then my brother and me sent them back downstairs. I admit that I'm sad during that time. I'm sad because I seldom met them eventhough I'm studying in a Private College in KL. Lastly, we shake hands between us. I remembered the advices that both my Uncle and Auntie said towards my brother and me. Then, they send regards towards both of our parents. 
I wish that all of us have the other opportunity to meet again someday  and hope that our good family relationship gets better each day until eternally. InsyaAllah. Amin. 

 - That's all from me - 
- What A Day. I'm Gonna Miss Them And The Moment That We've Spent Together  -

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hj. Ibrahim Family Reunion/ Gathering

- These are some members that in the Hj. Ibrahim Family -

Firstly, I would like to say thank you to my Auntie, Bu Kay who added me in this Keluarga Hj. Ibrahim group. From deep inside my heart, the best part was " Being In The Keluarga Hj. Ibrahim Clan ". Haha. Thanks also to all members, I'm grateful to be one of this family members. Love You All. May Allah Bless You. I can't described my happy feelings when I was in this family. I'm also glad that I have a big + good family.
There were some members such as my 2 Aunties intentionally wanted  to do the Family Gathering for all the Members of This Keluarga Hj. Ibrahim Clan. As far as I knew, the event was confirmed! I'm so excited and can't wait till the day to come. Hj. Ibrahim Family Reunion/Gathering will be held on Sunday, 6th November 2011. The venue is at RH Hotel, Sibu, Sarawak from 8.30 pm to 11.30 pm. We have our own themes. Hehe. 
So, everyone were encouraged to bought new dress followed the themes that they wanted us to wear that time. Haha. The intention was to ensured that people can differentiate us because there were so many of us. Now, its up to me to tell my Abah and Mak, also my 2 brothers about this event. I wish that Abah and Mak would want to attend this event. My Auntie Lidya says that " Hey, persuade your Abah cause this kind of event we rarely done in a Year. So, this is the opportunity for you to attend this big event and know more who are your other family members that you've never met before ". Haha. I Totally Agree with Auntie Lidya. Wait! InsyaAllah, I'll be back to my hometown soon after my Final Examination which means early month of April. I'll tell both of my parents about this. Hahaha. 
- Soon after I get the permission and both of my parents wanted to attend this big event, I'll updated the info in the Keluarga Hj. Ibrahim group in Fb. Hehe. -
- Love You Guys and hope that our good relationship as a family will be better each day and until eternally. InsyaAllah. Amin. -

Sunday, February 27, 2011

If I Could Turn Back The Time...

My Second Brother And Me.. 

Annuar & Tyrah


No wonder people says that " Time Is Precious ". Why I said so? I said so because it happened in the last month when there was the end of one week holiday after my mid term examination. It including the Public Holiday for The Chinese New Year. During that one week holiday, everything goes well as planned and some of them were unplanned. Hahaha. I've spent a good time with my mother for about 4 days only but yet we're still have fun and having my mother and second brother around makes me felt happy. In 4 days,  there was a time when we went shopping together. I'm the one who's spent too much on new clothes, CD's and Prepaid. Hehe. My mom went back to our hometown on Monday. 

My second brother stayed here almost one week. Now, they're all back to our hometown. As usual, I've stayed at my Aunt's apartment. I'm back to my rent house during the night soon after I'm having dinner with my Aunt and one of her friends. The best thing was we were having fun when we're together eventhough they came for a short time. But yet I have to attended my class as usual. Monday-Friday ( Back To Basics ). Hahaha. A lot of works to do, meetings, reports and so on. 

- That was the memorable experience that I have gained in a one week holiday. -



Dissolution falls on Friday, on the 18th February 2011. Venue : Great Hall. Dissolution started at 5 pm. Actually, Dissolution should started earlier which was at 3 o'clock in the evening but our CEO whose named was Associate Professor Dato' Doctor Shafaai Musa can't attended the ceremony at 3 o'clock in the evening. When that's the case, we've waited for him until 5 pm. We've waited so long for him to attended the Ceremony then our Advisor whose known as Mdm. Nurul Iman Dzulkefly said that the Dissolution should started without the CEO. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony was okay and everything goes well on that day. The Master Of Ceremony on that day was One of our Exco  Economy and Entrepreneurship which was Miss Fairuz Nadhirah Bt Mohd Pudzi. 
Firstly, the Ex-President of SRC in the year of 2010/2011 known as Brother Syafiq gave his speech. In his speech, he did mentioned that the Previous SRC Members did a good job and hardworking. Other than that, they were very committed with their worked. On the other hand, he also said that we should be the good example towards others and  humble. It means that being the SRC shouldn't for the fame and arrogant. 
Soon after the speech from Brother Syafiq, the Master of Ceremony called upon our Newly Appointed President for SRC 2011/2012 whose known as Brother Naim to gave his speech. Brother  Naim mentioned that we were still learning and new in this kind of environment. On the other hand, he also said that we needed the help from Mdm. Iman and the Previous SRC Members that attended the Dissolution. That's all from Brother Naim. 
After the speeches had finished then it was the part where the Previous SRC Members gets their certificate for SRC 2010/2011. It goes well on that day. Deputy Chief Executive Officer which was known as Sir Norhafizan Norman, replacing the CEO in giving the Certificate to all the Previous SRC Members. Next! Its our turn. Miss Fairuz called upon DCEO again to gave the certificate which was honorably said that we were the Newly Appointed Students to be the New SRC Members for the Year 2011/2012. Some of our friends were busy taking pictures. Haha. 
After the certificate have been given to all the SRC Members and The Previous SRC Members, the DCEO gave his speech. A few minutes later, the CEO came and gave his speech. He did  mentioned that he seeks forgiveness because being late. He also said that he had promised himself to attend the Ceremony. Its important for everyone of us to seek forgiveness in our life if we done something wrong. 
Lastly, the best moment was when all of us took picture together. This was one of my best experienced  that I've had in my entire life. " Be The Best Among The Best ". 

Mission Accomplished!

SRC New Members..


This incident happened on Tuesday, 15th February 2011. It was " Maulidur Rasul ". Here's the story. 
On that day, I thought all the SRC Members would have the holiday as well. It was the public holiday. So, I knew that I can have enough rest but still I have to finished my assignment. Hehe. This incident happened on Monday, 14th February 2011, at 2.00 pm in the evening. The venue was in front of the STADD Office. I was having a class at 2.15 -4.10 pm which was Advanced English 1. My lecturer was Sir Mohd Khairul Nizam which also known as Sir KN. During the time, My senior named Sis Wahida was with me went  to the class. After we went out from the lift, I met the President of SRC whose named was Brother Mohd NoorNaim. So, I stopped by. Sis Wahida went straight to the class. 
When I met him, we have a conversation for a while. 
" Hey, what are you doing here? I bet you're meeting Mdm. Iman. Isn't that right? ", I asked. 
" Yes, it is. Hey, before I forgot..tomorrow  we're going to do the " Gotong-Royong " for our SRC's Room. All members should be in the college  at 8.00 am ", he answered. 
" Are you sure? Its good that you've said ealier. I thought that I wanted to rest and finished my assignment. Hehehe ", I replied. 
" Of course!. So, all the members should come to the " Gotong-Royong " tomorrow. If possible, I want you to inform all the members about the activity. If they have other activities, never mind. As long as they know that we're having the " Gotong-Royong " tomorrow ", he said. 
" Ok, Insha Allah.  Thanks For the Info ", I replied. 
The next day which was Tuesday, I went to the college at 9.15 am. I went late at the college because I'm overslept. Hahaha. The moment I came there, most of the SRC members were busy cleaning up the room.
While we were cleaning up the room, we're listening to music, had a conversation towards each other. We were very noisy as well. As soon as we've  finished cleaning up the room, we've painted the room into peach in colour. The original paint for the room was Turqoise. We took several hours to painted the room excluded the time for us to have our lunch and pray. When we've  finished painted the room, we made  new decorations for our room. During the time of the Previous SRC, they only have 2 tables  including a small round table and a rectangle table in a transparent room. Now, it was different!!! Hehehe. The SRC Room has 6 tables including 2 big tables at the window area, one rectangle-shaped table in the transparent room for the President and a table for the Deputy President. The other 2 tables were one rectangle-shaped for the Secretary and a small round table for the living room. 
The surroundings in the SRC's Room was just like An Office! We love it so much. This was one of my memorable experience that I've gained this year and didn't have this kind of opportunity to know and be friend with people like them. Everyone were exhausted but yet we're having fun working together. It also result from the good cooperation between us, we were  able to finished cleaning up  and painted the room in one day. Our patience could also transformed  the ordinary SRC's Room into a Beautiful Room and felt like in an Office! That's what I Like the most!. Hehehe.  
Thanks to all Members : SRC 2011/2012. 
Without the help and good cooperation between us, we were unable to finished our worked in one day. On the other hand, we didn't get to be in a Beautiful Room like this and get to felt we were in an Office!! Haha. Love You Guys. I wish that our friendship relationship will always be in a good condition until eternally. Insha Allah. Amin. 

- Similar, Realistic, Concern -

Students' Representative Council


After the Presidential Selection of SRC had finished,the college has Newly Appointed Students to be one of the SRC Members for the Year 2011/2012. These are the position that every members get after the Syura' session. 

Students' Representative Council 2011/2012. 

President                        : Mohd NoorNaim Bin Mohd Nasir
Vice President              : Atikah Bt Muhd Tahar

Deputy President 1     : Muhammad Zulhafeez Bin Shaidin
Deputy President 2     : Mohammad Fashah 

Secretary General       : Nurul Fatihah Bt Azhar
Honorary Treasurer   : Sharifah Nur Athirah Bt Wan Madhi

Exco Welfare And Spiritual : 
Head                                 : Nurul Ain Bt Mohd Khambali
Assistant Head             : Fairuz Ashikin Bt Ahmad Fuaad

Exco Economy And Entrepreneurship : 
Head                                  : Wan Nur Hazlina Bt Wan Ismail
Assistant Head              : Fairuz Nadhirah Bt Mohd Pudzi

Exco Ilmiah And Carrier Development : 
Head                                  : Ettria Deni Bt Darmawi
Assistant Head              : Siti Aishah Bt Ahmed Fuzi

Exco Clubs And Society Management : 
Head                                  : Farah Rashidah Bt Harire
Assistant Head              : Nurafiqahtulaqmal Bt Mohd Suria

Exco Information And Inquiries : 
Head                                  : Muhd NurHayyan B. Mohd Zuhri
Assistant Head              : Siti Nura Adila Bt Samad

Exco Sports And Recreational Development : 
Head                                  : Nor Lailatul Syahirah Bt Mohd Isa
Assistant Head              : Nurul Amirah Bt Abdullah

Exco Internalization : 
 Leslie and  Alaschio

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Life & Experiences in 2011

 - SRC Presidential Selection : 19th January 2011 -


Firstly, Alhamdulillah. I'm living in my new rent house near my college. So far so good and its getting better with good people in my surroundings. I'm relieved because I can get a new rent house in a short time. Hahaha. Love the new place and friends. Now I'm living with seniors and wish that will be more joyful, harmony, peace and prosperity. InshaAllah. Amin.
In my opinion, I love to live with seniors with different courses here. Before that, I want to say thank you to my friends that are still living at the hostel which is the Dorm because maintaining a good friendship relationship with me. No worries, we will always keep in touch eventhough I've already moved out from the Hostel. 

Personal Life. Ya, for sure until now I'm still single but not available. I know some of you would say that I'm annoying or others. But this is the truth. I'm not making up stories or some other things. I admit that I hav many friends. That's all. My friends?? Well of course they have their own special grilfriends and boyfriends as well. Only few of my friends still being single until now. Haha. None of it matters. Now, I should concentrate on my studies and I wanted to excel. Where am I studying?  I'm studying in one of the Private College which is located in Kuala Lumpur. 
In the college, I'm participating in various club such as History and Heritage Club as the Assistant Secretary and Nasyeed Club as one of the Exco. There's one day, One of my friend came and approached me when I was about to finished my assignment in the library. 

Here's the story. I was sitting alone in the library while other students were accompanied by their own friends. So, my friend came to me and asked me something. " Assalam. How are you? ",  she asked. " Wslm. Alhamdulillah, I'm fine. How about you? ", I replied. " I'm fine too. So, what are you doing here? Where are your friends? ", she asked. " Ok. That's good. My friends already went back to the hostel. I wanted to finished my assignment ", I answered. " Ok. If that's the case, I wanted to asked you that If I gave you the SRC's Form, did you want to filled in the form and submitted it to me? ", she said. " No, I don't want to be the SRC Candidates ", I replied. 
" Never mind, just filled in the form and submitted it to me. No worries, there's so many people applied for it. So, your chances to be the SRC Candidates or  chosen to be the SRC for The Year 2011/2012 is lower ", she said. " Ok. If that's the case, I'm filling the SRC form now. Then, I'll give it  to you ", I replied. I took for about 3-5 minutes to filled up the form. After that, I submitted the form to my friend. 

A few weeks later, My cousin whose name was Syed Muhammad Haziq Al-Edruce called me during the night while I was about to finished my Advanced English 1 Assignment. " Hey, guess what? You're one of the SRC 30 Candidates ". " What? Are you sure? I don't expect that I can get it ", I replied. " Yes, it is. Find out your name on a piece of paper that have been pasted at every notice board at the college, " he said. " Ok, For sure! Thanks for the info ", I answered. When it comes to the first meeting, I was about to escaped from attending it. 
Haziq forced me to go and attended the meeting for the Presidential Selection 30 Candidates for the year 2011/2012. So, I have to go. Alhamdulillah, everything goes well on that day. We've been divided into 3 groups and each groups consists of 10 people. The tasks were given to each group were different from each other. The topics were : 

  1. Group 1 : Sports
  2. Group 2 : Academic
  3. Group 3 : Discipline
I was one of the members for the Group 3's which the topic emphasized on Discipline. 

We've been given 7 days to prepared for the presentation. The presentation falls on the 19th January 2011 which was on Wednesday. 2.00-5.00 pm at the Great Hall. We've been told that we must submitted the proposal to all the Head Dean's for each school on Tuesday which was on the 18th January 2011. We've worked so hard, be back home during midnight. When it comes to the day of the presentation, it was going on well. In my group, I'm the worst. First, I'm confident. When its my turned to  presented my part, I'm speechless. I felt so disappointed and the time that I felt that I'm not getting this opportunity. After the presentation, there was a voting part from the other group members. These voting will be added with the marks that were given by the judges which were all the Head Dean's and Manager. We've waited for about 10 - 15 minutes for the seniors counted the total of the votes. Then, it was the time for the Advisor of Students' Representative Council whose name was Mdm. Nurul Iman to announced the Newly Appointed Students to be the New SRC Members for the Year 2011/2012. Mdm. Nurul Iman called upon us followed the number of our turn. When it comes to DCE.. She called " Candidate Number 19 ". Wow! Alhamdulillah, Its ME!!!! 

There it goes the 18th local students and 2 foreigner's. Congratulations to all of my friends who gets this opportunity. This year, the college have 20 New SRC Members. In my group which was group 3, only 5 of us get to be the SRC Members including : 
  1. Muhammad Zulhafeez Bin Shaidin
  2. Siti Aishah Binti Ahmed Fuzi
  3. Nurul Fatihah Binti Azhar
  4. Sharifah Nur Athirah Binti Wan Madhi
  5. Nurafiqahtulaqmal Binti Mohd Suria
Lastly, I wish that our friendship relationship and the good cooperation between us will always in a good condition until eternally. InshaAllah. Amin. 

I Want...

I want a guy who is my best friend. I want a guy who could make me laugh, even when he isn't even trying. A guy who would make me happy and we'd go through whatever it takes to make things better.  Who could make fun of me but knows when to stop. A guy who would open up to me and can tell me about almost everything. Who would listen to me and doesn't judge me but would listen to me and comfort me. 

I want a guy who I could trust with his friends and with the girls. A guy who could trust me with my guy friends. Who would get jealous because jealousy tells me that he really cares but doesn't get too jealous because he would trust me. One who would care for me. A guy that would give up their time just to be with me. I want a guy that will get along with my family and friends. One that would let me lean on him and say that everything is okay now. 

One who would hug me even when I say I'm fine. One  who would wipe away my tears from crying. I want a guy that would kiss me good night and would wake up by my side to greet me a good morning. Who would watch movies with me, no matter how the terrible the movie. I want a guy that would play at the park with me and have a picnic. I want a guy that  would actually care for me. 

A guy that would play video games with me and not be so easy on me, just to let me win. A guy that respects my decision and respects me. I want a guy that would love me for not my looks but Love Me for Who I Am.