Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

SRC New Members..


This incident happened on Tuesday, 15th February 2011. It was " Maulidur Rasul ". Here's the story. 
On that day, I thought all the SRC Members would have the holiday as well. It was the public holiday. So, I knew that I can have enough rest but still I have to finished my assignment. Hehe. This incident happened on Monday, 14th February 2011, at 2.00 pm in the evening. The venue was in front of the STADD Office. I was having a class at 2.15 -4.10 pm which was Advanced English 1. My lecturer was Sir Mohd Khairul Nizam which also known as Sir KN. During the time, My senior named Sis Wahida was with me went  to the class. After we went out from the lift, I met the President of SRC whose named was Brother Mohd NoorNaim. So, I stopped by. Sis Wahida went straight to the class. 
When I met him, we have a conversation for a while. 
" Hey, what are you doing here? I bet you're meeting Mdm. Iman. Isn't that right? ", I asked. 
" Yes, it is. Hey, before I forgot..tomorrow  we're going to do the " Gotong-Royong " for our SRC's Room. All members should be in the college  at 8.00 am ", he answered. 
" Are you sure? Its good that you've said ealier. I thought that I wanted to rest and finished my assignment. Hehehe ", I replied. 
" Of course!. So, all the members should come to the " Gotong-Royong " tomorrow. If possible, I want you to inform all the members about the activity. If they have other activities, never mind. As long as they know that we're having the " Gotong-Royong " tomorrow ", he said. 
" Ok, Insha Allah.  Thanks For the Info ", I replied. 
The next day which was Tuesday, I went to the college at 9.15 am. I went late at the college because I'm overslept. Hahaha. The moment I came there, most of the SRC members were busy cleaning up the room.
While we were cleaning up the room, we're listening to music, had a conversation towards each other. We were very noisy as well. As soon as we've  finished cleaning up the room, we've painted the room into peach in colour. The original paint for the room was Turqoise. We took several hours to painted the room excluded the time for us to have our lunch and pray. When we've  finished painted the room, we made  new decorations for our room. During the time of the Previous SRC, they only have 2 tables  including a small round table and a rectangle table in a transparent room. Now, it was different!!! Hehehe. The SRC Room has 6 tables including 2 big tables at the window area, one rectangle-shaped table in the transparent room for the President and a table for the Deputy President. The other 2 tables were one rectangle-shaped for the Secretary and a small round table for the living room. 
The surroundings in the SRC's Room was just like An Office! We love it so much. This was one of my memorable experience that I've gained this year and didn't have this kind of opportunity to know and be friend with people like them. Everyone were exhausted but yet we're having fun working together. It also result from the good cooperation between us, we were  able to finished cleaning up  and painted the room in one day. Our patience could also transformed  the ordinary SRC's Room into a Beautiful Room and felt like in an Office! That's what I Like the most!. Hehehe.  
Thanks to all Members : SRC 2011/2012. 
Without the help and good cooperation between us, we were unable to finished our worked in one day. On the other hand, we didn't get to be in a Beautiful Room like this and get to felt we were in an Office!! Haha. Love You Guys. I wish that our friendship relationship will always be in a good condition until eternally. Insha Allah. Amin. 

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