Sunday, February 27, 2011

Students' Representative Council


After the Presidential Selection of SRC had finished,the college has Newly Appointed Students to be one of the SRC Members for the Year 2011/2012. These are the position that every members get after the Syura' session. 

Students' Representative Council 2011/2012. 

President                        : Mohd NoorNaim Bin Mohd Nasir
Vice President              : Atikah Bt Muhd Tahar

Deputy President 1     : Muhammad Zulhafeez Bin Shaidin
Deputy President 2     : Mohammad Fashah 

Secretary General       : Nurul Fatihah Bt Azhar
Honorary Treasurer   : Sharifah Nur Athirah Bt Wan Madhi

Exco Welfare And Spiritual : 
Head                                 : Nurul Ain Bt Mohd Khambali
Assistant Head             : Fairuz Ashikin Bt Ahmad Fuaad

Exco Economy And Entrepreneurship : 
Head                                  : Wan Nur Hazlina Bt Wan Ismail
Assistant Head              : Fairuz Nadhirah Bt Mohd Pudzi

Exco Ilmiah And Carrier Development : 
Head                                  : Ettria Deni Bt Darmawi
Assistant Head              : Siti Aishah Bt Ahmed Fuzi

Exco Clubs And Society Management : 
Head                                  : Farah Rashidah Bt Harire
Assistant Head              : Nurafiqahtulaqmal Bt Mohd Suria

Exco Information And Inquiries : 
Head                                  : Muhd NurHayyan B. Mohd Zuhri
Assistant Head              : Siti Nura Adila Bt Samad

Exco Sports And Recreational Development : 
Head                                  : Nor Lailatul Syahirah Bt Mohd Isa
Assistant Head              : Nurul Amirah Bt Abdullah

Exco Internalization : 
 Leslie and  Alaschio

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