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Dissolution falls on Friday, on the 18th February 2011. Venue : Great Hall. Dissolution started at 5 pm. Actually, Dissolution should started earlier which was at 3 o'clock in the evening but our CEO whose named was Associate Professor Dato' Doctor Shafaai Musa can't attended the ceremony at 3 o'clock in the evening. When that's the case, we've waited for him until 5 pm. We've waited so long for him to attended the Ceremony then our Advisor whose known as Mdm. Nurul Iman Dzulkefly said that the Dissolution should started without the CEO. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony was okay and everything goes well on that day. The Master Of Ceremony on that day was One of our Exco  Economy and Entrepreneurship which was Miss Fairuz Nadhirah Bt Mohd Pudzi. 
Firstly, the Ex-President of SRC in the year of 2010/2011 known as Brother Syafiq gave his speech. In his speech, he did mentioned that the Previous SRC Members did a good job and hardworking. Other than that, they were very committed with their worked. On the other hand, he also said that we should be the good example towards others and  humble. It means that being the SRC shouldn't for the fame and arrogant. 
Soon after the speech from Brother Syafiq, the Master of Ceremony called upon our Newly Appointed President for SRC 2011/2012 whose known as Brother Naim to gave his speech. Brother  Naim mentioned that we were still learning and new in this kind of environment. On the other hand, he also said that we needed the help from Mdm. Iman and the Previous SRC Members that attended the Dissolution. That's all from Brother Naim. 
After the speeches had finished then it was the part where the Previous SRC Members gets their certificate for SRC 2010/2011. It goes well on that day. Deputy Chief Executive Officer which was known as Sir Norhafizan Norman, replacing the CEO in giving the Certificate to all the Previous SRC Members. Next! Its our turn. Miss Fairuz called upon DCEO again to gave the certificate which was honorably said that we were the Newly Appointed Students to be the New SRC Members for the Year 2011/2012. Some of our friends were busy taking pictures. Haha. 
After the certificate have been given to all the SRC Members and The Previous SRC Members, the DCEO gave his speech. A few minutes later, the CEO came and gave his speech. He did  mentioned that he seeks forgiveness because being late. He also said that he had promised himself to attend the Ceremony. Its important for everyone of us to seek forgiveness in our life if we done something wrong. 
Lastly, the best moment was when all of us took picture together. This was one of my best experienced  that I've had in my entire life. " Be The Best Among The Best ". 

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