Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Want...

I want a guy who is my best friend. I want a guy who could make me laugh, even when he isn't even trying. A guy who would make me happy and we'd go through whatever it takes to make things better.  Who could make fun of me but knows when to stop. A guy who would open up to me and can tell me about almost everything. Who would listen to me and doesn't judge me but would listen to me and comfort me. 

I want a guy who I could trust with his friends and with the girls. A guy who could trust me with my guy friends. Who would get jealous because jealousy tells me that he really cares but doesn't get too jealous because he would trust me. One who would care for me. A guy that would give up their time just to be with me. I want a guy that will get along with my family and friends. One that would let me lean on him and say that everything is okay now. 

One who would hug me even when I say I'm fine. One  who would wipe away my tears from crying. I want a guy that would kiss me good night and would wake up by my side to greet me a good morning. Who would watch movies with me, no matter how the terrible the movie. I want a guy that would play at the park with me and have a picnic. I want a guy that  would actually care for me. 

A guy that would play video games with me and not be so easy on me, just to let me win. A guy that respects my decision and respects me. I want a guy that would love me for not my looks but Love Me for Who I Am. 

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