Sunday, February 27, 2011

If I Could Turn Back The Time...

My Second Brother And Me.. 

Annuar & Tyrah


No wonder people says that " Time Is Precious ". Why I said so? I said so because it happened in the last month when there was the end of one week holiday after my mid term examination. It including the Public Holiday for The Chinese New Year. During that one week holiday, everything goes well as planned and some of them were unplanned. Hahaha. I've spent a good time with my mother for about 4 days only but yet we're still have fun and having my mother and second brother around makes me felt happy. In 4 days,  there was a time when we went shopping together. I'm the one who's spent too much on new clothes, CD's and Prepaid. Hehe. My mom went back to our hometown on Monday. 

My second brother stayed here almost one week. Now, they're all back to our hometown. As usual, I've stayed at my Aunt's apartment. I'm back to my rent house during the night soon after I'm having dinner with my Aunt and one of her friends. The best thing was we were having fun when we're together eventhough they came for a short time. But yet I have to attended my class as usual. Monday-Friday ( Back To Basics ). Hahaha. A lot of works to do, meetings, reports and so on. 

- That was the memorable experience that I have gained in a one week holiday. -

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