Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Night To Remember

Dinner With Mi Familia


This time my blog entitle " A Night To Remember ". What its all about? Okay. Here's what I wanted to explain it  to all readers, haters .. This happened a month ago if I not mistaken. So far as I remembered, it happened after my mid term examination, one week holiday. As usual, If I stayed in KL, as you guys already known, I would stayed at my Aunt's house. So, this dinner had been planned for about a few weeks before we met. Everything's went a little bit slow due to the school holiday for the Chinese New Year and my Uncle gotta  go to work. Never mind,  My brother and me waited until the day comes. Hehe. When everything's alright, we managed to have our dinner. Sorry. I've forgotten the place that we were having dinner together. Time? We have our dinner at approximately 8.30 pm.
Well of course we had a fun time when we were together. The Best Thing was I have 2 adorable + handsome cousins named Syed Mohd Syafiq & Syed Mohd Syahmi. I Love Both Of Them. ( Didn't I get too much to praised my 2 cousins?? I knew that the haters would hate it & said " Who cares??!! She's too much ). As for the haters, Do I have to take good care of you guys feelings and bad sayings towards me?? Mark My Word : " I don't  care at all !!! ". People changed everyday. Forget about that. To Be Honest, the restaurant was beautiful + the food were tasty and delicious. All of us ordered different dishes and drinks. As for me and my brother, we ate Western Food and My Auntie & Uncle + Syafiq & Syahmi ate Asian Food. Its funny when we live in this world. Different people have different choices of food, made good decision and so on in their lifes. 
While waiting for the food to be served for us, we have conversations between us. As for my second brother, he was chit chatting with my Uncle Jemie and our 2 cousins. For me, My Auntie Shidah and me!! Hehe. Its fun though because both of us had a topic  of discussion. Hahaha. A Few Minutes later, the food been served for us. We enjoyed our delicious foods and drinks + good surroundings between us. 
Then, after we reached the end of the night which means that we have finished our dinner, My Uncle decided to sent both of us back home. But everything went the other way. Haha. What happened to them? My other Aunt, Aunt Zizah invited them to came to her apartment where both my brother and me lived for that one week holiday. Hehe. We went upstairs together. Syahmi had fallen asleep in the car, so at the apartment, Syahmi slept in the Guest Room. While Syafiq, My Uncle Jemie & Auntie Shidah were relaxing and have a cup of tea with cupcakes with My Aunt Zizah and her friend, Auntie Lourdes. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah, everything goes well during the night. 
Few minutes later, they went back to their own house then my brother and me sent them back downstairs. I admit that I'm sad during that time. I'm sad because I seldom met them eventhough I'm studying in a Private College in KL. Lastly, we shake hands between us. I remembered the advices that both my Uncle and Auntie said towards my brother and me. Then, they send regards towards both of our parents. 
I wish that all of us have the other opportunity to meet again someday  and hope that our good family relationship gets better each day until eternally. InsyaAllah. Amin. 

 - That's all from me - 
- What A Day. I'm Gonna Miss Them And The Moment That We've Spent Together  -

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